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Fishing kayaks are the most commonly used kayaks for fishing. The kayak is the traditional means of traveling and a common way of getting to fishing spots. Kayaking has gained popularity especially in recent years. Fishermen like to kayak their way through the waterways and lakes for good fishing. There are many types of kayaks that are used for fishing depending on how the fisherman would like to fish.

Most fishing kayaks have an outrigger at the stern that helps a person to easily maneuver the boat and it also provides stability. The sport itself consists of many options. One can choose between sit-on-top or sit-on-side style. The latter style is better for smaller fishermen because it requires less paddle. This type of fishing kayak usually does not have a fly bridge or rudder system and hence, the fish would be able to easily move away from the area if they feel the boat is moving too fast for them.

Sit-On-tops have a single seat with two paddleboard positions. These kinds of fishing kayaks are meant for people who do not have a lot of experience in driving large boats or who do not like to take turns while fishing. They would rather sit and relax in the kayak and let others behind them move the boat as they fish. Some of these types of kayaks have a rudder at the back of the craft but this may not be necessary depending on the kayak's manufacturer. However, the advantage of a rudder is that it allows an experienced fisherman to quickly reverse the direction of the boat to face another direction.

On the other hand, sit-on-side anglers like to fish standing up in the kayak angler. They use inflatable gear lures and sometimes even standup paddleboards to allow them to be more comfortable as the fish may bite better in foam or plastic than in a soft layer of water. When standing in the kayak, some people even use an inflatable air mattress to sit on so that they do not get too wet. Sit-on-side anglers also tend to be more comfortable using inflatable fishing tackle as compared to standup paddleboards.

Many people prefer the sit-on-side fishing kayak to a craft that is known as a "sit-on" boat because a sit-on boat is designed more for fishing than for racing. A sit-on craft, as the name suggests, is designed to be used in fishing. Because of this, its masts are built lower to the water's surface so that the angler does not need to stand up to use his rod. This makes the process more comfortable for the kayak angler. The angler can simply sit back in his kayak and use his fishing rod without having to get up and move his boat. Anglers also find it easier to cast their kayaks rather than trying to maneuver a larger craft which is not only frustrating but can also be dangerous.

Fly fishing kayaks are another type of kayak that are widely used for fishing. These fishing kayaks come with one or two fly buckets which the angler uses to collect fish as they fish. Some of these buckets have fences that separate them from the rest of the kayak; others simply have small openings at the bottom of the bucket in which to allow air to flow through. Some of these fishing kayaks even have locks for securing the fishing gear to the kayak when it is not being fished. See more from Splashy McFun.

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